Acrylic Paints Change the Game

Back in the day, I used enamels. In fact, I learned modeling using Testors enamel model paint. At the time, I thought enamels were about the best available. We used it straight from the jar and cleaned our brushes with the thinner Testors sold. It went on thick, but we thought that was good. I guess I just did not know better.

Then I learned about acrylic paint, and for me no going back to enamels. There is a lot to like about them, here are a few thoughts:

  1. Acrylics are safer for your respiratory system. This is particularly true if you are using an airbrush.
  2. They are far easy to clean up (in my opinion).
  3. Because you are not using harsh chemicals, your brushes will generally last longer.
  4. They dry faster than most other paints. This is a real advantage when you are starting out. You can do all your layering and highlighting in a single session without waiting hours (or days) for your miniatures to dry.
  5. They tend to be less expensive. You also save money by using water to clean and thin.
  6. Most people playing Warhammer use acrylics so you will have a lot of support from fellow players.

All these wonderful things about acrylics and I have to admit I do use oil paint for a few things. Primarily, wet blending, weathering and panel lines (I will do posts on these techniques soon). In each of these techniques, the longer drying time of oils make them the only real choice. The good news is water soluble oils are on the market now, so clean up is still very easy and you can still use water to thin the paint. I prefer the Winsor & Newton Artisan brand, but there are a couple others on the market now.

Keep painting.


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