Warlord Project – Where to Start?

It is typically said to take it from the top, but in this case I decided to start at the bottom.  As I mentioned, I wanted something that was more than just toes connecting to the lower leg, so this meant creating a foot and ankle.

In this case, I started with a 1.5″ to 3″ PVC adapter and cut it to be about 1.25″ tall. This would serve as my foot. The basis of the toes would come from 0.5″ expanded PVC cut and beveled in layers. I would later add some detail parts to make them more interesting.

I wanted the model to be able to pose the model. This meant I needed to create joints. I had already decided to build the lower skeleton from PVC tubes. This approach allowed me to prototype quickly and make changes easily. Because I wanted movable joints I needed to develop a good joint design that worked with the PVC and one that was easy to build. My choice was to use PVC t-connectors as the basis for the joints.

I made the joints by cutting a t-connector and inserting the next size smaller in the larger t-connector and gluing the end portion of the larger t-connector back to hold the smaller t-connector in place. These joints are used for both the ankles and knees.

Along with hips made from 90 degree elbows, this gave me a lower body that could be posed into basically any position. Ultimately, I may be forced to pick a pose and glue the joints once the model is complete to provide the stability I need, but at least I will be able to create a natural pose and then lock it down.

So at this point I am ready to start working on the armour and torso.

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