The Warlord Continues

Working on the torso was the next step. My plan was to have the Warlord stand roughly 26 inches at the top of the shoulders. This meant the torso needed to be 15 inches tall. I decided to use various thicknesses of PVC sheets for most of the construction. I chose this material because it is inexpensive, easy to cut and glues exceptionally well.

The bottom is made from 3/4″ expanded PVC. The front and back are 1/4″ solid PVC. In retrospect, I would use expanded for the front and back. I wanted the solid for additional strength, but the solid PVC is far heavier and I really did not need the additional stiffness and I would have been better with less weight.

I cut 3 inch hole in the bottom and glued in a PVC reducer to mate with the hips I built. I then cut the front and glued it to the bottom. Note the stiffener.

Torso Bottom & Front

Next I added an identical piece for the back with another stiffener.

The torso gets a back

Here is a view from the front and 3/4 front.

Front view of torso  3/4 view of torso

Next I will post the shoulders.



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