My Warlord Project Begins

I started by finding a basic look I wanted to use as inspiration to build from. After spending a lot of time looking at old Epic models and sites like Dakka. I found these guys: The-TitanManufactorum.

Their designs are nice, big and not too difficult to build, but without being too boxy.

They have lots of nice detail and don’t look like a typical scratch build titan.

After looking at these titans a lot I decided I wanted to model from the same basic profile, but with some key differences.

  • I like the angles, but I think  some curves will add a lot to the feel. Particularly for the lower and upper leg locations as well as the corners of the rear engine compartments.
  • Some of the gears in these designs appear to not actually be able to produce the motion the are responsible for. I wanted to use some of the traditional hydraulic actuators for movement because I think they will better reflect what they are supposed to do.
  • The feet and toes on these models, are nice, but they don’t have the look and feel of stability and ruggedness that I want. To me, it appears that there is no actual foot, but the toes just connect to a point at the bottom of the leg.  To improve on this, I want to make actual foot elements with fewer toes made from thicker material and with several layers.
  • Many of the panel lines appear to be there just for the sake of detail and would not actually be there in practice. I will try to put panel lines in natural locations.
  • These models appear to be built of foam. I like this from a weight perspective, but I wanted something more sturdy and with cleaner edges. To accomplish this I am using expanded PVC for the outer armor plates. This material is reasonably light, quite strong, glues extremely well and in relatively cheap.
Stay tuned for more updates as I start posting the progress of the project.



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