Edge Highlight with Watercolor Pencil

I was struggling with doing edge highlights using a brush. I would literally dread this part of painting. It was not hard, but it sure was tedious. Then I saw a demonstration by Justin from Secret Weapons Miniatures. Justin showed how to use a watercolor pencil to do edge highlighting and it looked great.

The process is simple:

  • Be sure your miniature is completely dry
  • Select a color as you would with paint
  • Run the side of the pencil point along the edge of you miniature
  • Blend it with you dry finger until you like the look
  • If you do not like the look, remove the highlighting with water and start again
  • Done

For me this process gives me far better control than the brush, so the result looks better, and it is much faster.

Be sure to check out his site: He has several very cool products. His pigments are among the best you can get and about half the price of the competition.


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